Flute orchestra (1 picc. 4 flutes 2 altos 1 contra alto (optional) bass flute and contrabass flute (also optional)
1: Mostar | 2: London Bridge – crossing to America: a short span | 3: Brooklyn Bridge
Brass Wind Publications
Commissioned by National Flute Orchestra
First performance 27 February, 2011 | Birmingham Conservatoire

See also String version

The structure of this work is itself like that of a bridge. The short middle movement, London Bridge, spans the divide by taking the last phrase of Mostar as its opening, exploring the darker tones of the lower instruments, and the first bar of Brooklyn Bridge as its close. In this movement the old English song, London bridge is falling down, is playfully decorated and shared between the parts. London Bridge, which had spanned the River Thames, in England, was transported to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, in 1967.

Programme note

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