• A collection of pieces inspired by works of art
  • Trumpet, piano
  • 1. Ball at the moulin de la galette  |  2. Nocturne in blue and gold  |  3. Walking man  |  4. Winter landscape with skaters  |  5. Marilyn diptych  |  6. A choir of angels  |  7. Overcoming red
  • Brass Wind Publications

Cecilia McDowall

  • Ball at the moulin de la galette
  • Nocturne in blue and gold
  • Walking man
  • Winter landscape with skaters
  • Marilyn diptych
  • A choir of angels
  • Overcoming red

This colourful collection of pieces for trumpet and piano draws its inspirations from a variety of art works. They range from the gentle Parisian waltz, Ball at the Moulin de la Galette inspired by the artist Renoir; an atmospheric night piece, Nocturne in Blue and Gold by Whistler; a bright, dazzling Winter Landscape with Skaters by the Dutch painter Avercamp; the Baroque brilliance of A Choir of Angels by the 15th Century painter, Marmion; and two cool jazzy works, Marilyn Diptych by pop artist Andy Warhol and Walking Man (a powerful elongated sculpture by Giacometti) which is in five time.

The final and most challenging piece of Framed, Overcoming Red, is inspired by the abstract artist, Rodchenko, who asserted in 1921 that the ‘end of painting’ was imminent; an appropriate choice for the concluding work of the picture gallery. Something for all tastes and abilities.