‘Sometimes richly tonal, sometimes more exploratory in harmonic range, her music is always full of invention…’


27 Feb 2020 | Great Sacred Music | George Herbert

Time: 13.00

Location: St Martin-in-the-Field, Trafalgar Square, London, UK

Led by Revd Dr Sam Wells
St Martin’s Voices
Andrew Earis
music director

Exploring the life and legacy of metaphysical poet George Herbert with settings of his poems by Benjamin Britten and Cecilia McDowall.
Cecilia McDowall Rise heart, thy Lord is risen

27 Feb 2020 | BBC Singers | Seven Ages of Woman

Time: 14.00

Location: St Peter's, Eaton Square, Victoria, London, SW1, UK

International Women’s Day
BBC Singers
Grace Rossiter

Composers* Seven Ages of Woman
Works by Judith Bingham, Joanna Gill, Abbie Betinis, Errollyn Wallen

*Seven Ages of Woman composers:
Helen Paish, Electra Perivolaris, Samantha Fernando, Emily Hall, Deirdre Gribbin, Cecilia McDowall, Rhian Samuel

29 Feb 2020 | Sermon on the Mount

Time: 19.30

Location: United Reformed Church, Princes Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1AZ, UK

Keswick Hall Choir
Chris Duarte
David Dunnett organ

Cecilia McDowall Ash Wednesday

29 Feb 2020 | Revolution

Time: 19.30

Location: St Mary’s Church, Darlington Street, Bathwick, BA2 4EB, UK

The Handful
Tomos Watkins conductor

Concert to include:
Cecilia McDowall A Fancy of Folksongs

1 Mar 2020 | Choral Evensong at Selwyn College

Time: 18.00

Location: Selwyn College, Cambridge, UK

Choir of Selwyn College Chapel
Sarah MacDonald
music director

Cecilia McDowall The Lord is Good

1 Mar 2020 | Choral Evensong, Oxford

Time: 17.45

Location: University College Chapel, Oxford, UK

The Choir of University College, Oxford
Giles Underwood

Service to include
Cecilia McDowall: Preces & Responses

1 Mar 2020 | Come and Sing

Time: 10.00-16.00

Location: Alton Assembly Rooms, Alton, Hampshire, UK

Luminosa Voices
Under the direction of Neil Ferris, Director of the BBC Symphony Chorus

Cecilia McDowall Da Vinci Requiem & Vaughan Williams Five Mystical Songs

1 Mar 2020 | Flute Recital

Time: 17.25

Location: Clare College, Cambridge, UK

Caitlin Obee flute
George Gillow piano

Cecilia McDowall Piper’s Dream

The Choir of Queen’s College, Oxford
Owen Rees
Director of Music
Laurence John Organ Scholar
Stephen Farr Assistant Organist

Service to include
Cecilia McDowall: Ave Regina

7 Mar 2020 | Reading Phoenix Choir

Time: 19.30

Location: The Concert Hall, Reading Town Hall, Reading, Berks, UK

Reading Phoenix Choir
Berkshire Young Voices
Berkshire Children’s Choir
Christopher Hann

Cecilia McDowall: O Oriens